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Privacy Policy: 隱私政策:

Data will not be passed to any third parties.  We follow the strictest data policy to keep data safe.

數據不會被傳遞給任何第三方。 我們遵循嚴格的政策,以保證數據的安全。  




DrsProducts 顧問團隊包括醫生,牙醫,教育家, IT專家

聯絡我們: info@DrsProducts.com

About us:

We consult medical doctors and academia in search for the best medical/health products for you and your family.  All the products are researched and medical based.

A company operated under YHVH Company Limited. 

DrsProducts Advisory Team includes doctors, dentist, educationalist, and IT specialists.

Refund Policy:

If our product has any problem including malfunction, missing parts simply email us at sales@DrsProducts.com to arrange returning the product for a total refund. No question asked.  Refund is valid within 7 days after the delivery of goods.




中國及海外購買產品超過港幣$150 免費郵寄.