Product Review


Dementia patient GPS watch

A great product for dementia patients, special lock to ensure the dementia patients cannot open the watch as they might hate wearing a watch for locating where they are.

Special design for locating patients, and the watch can contain patients' details.

It is an investment especially it notifies children/ caretaker if the patients fall down.

Product rating: 4*

EMF shield

It is not a secret that EMF is harmful to health.  A small amount may not tolerable, high dosage of EMF could be health hazard.  There are research reports suggesting that cancer is linked to EMF.  This shield has been tested in laboratory that it can effectively block EMF.

Using EMF shield at the windows facing EMF emission source can protect you and your loved ones and give you peace of mind.  However, we think moving away from the emission source, if one can, is the best way to avoid EMF hazard.

Product rating: 4* 

Ma Ma Shield

Most people overlook the EMF emitted by computers, printers, wifi boxes in the office.  This shield uses the EMF blocking material, with certified lab test results, for covering the tummy of pregnant ladies to protect the unborn baby.

Product rating: 4*