YHVH Company Limited

YHVH Co Ltd is a subsidiary company of a holding company which was established over 35 years. We aim at improving the quality of health and living of human by providing good quality medical products to Hong Kong people and eventually expand to China. 
We have partnership with various established medical/retail companies in Hong Kong, including:
* Health Plus (13 shops and one in a prestigious private hospital)
* Hospital Authority Co-op shops serving 60k members including doctors, nurses, consultants and medical staff
* Hong Kong government public hospital shops (12 shops)
* Baptist Hospital shops and St Teresa hospital shops
* Baby Kingdom with 30,000 mother members
To date, our products are selling at 18 retail shops and 5 online shops in Hong Kong.
Advisors:  we have Dr. Thoo, Dr C Wong as our medical advisors.  D Roberts as our legal advisor.  
If you want to contact us, please email to: owner@DrsProducts.com